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About Us

We are a non political family orientated bike group who are very passionate about motorcycling, we've also gained an excellent reputation for our marshalling skills having been asked to marshall many ride outs of various bike groups who know "this is what we do the best".

In the summer months we meet at Poole Bike night on the first Tuesday of the month starting in April and in the Winter months we meet on a Tuesday night at Branksome Liberal club.

We're not fussy about what you ride! We have members who ride 125cc motorcycles. So, encouraging them to ride with us, gives them a much better understanding of what motorcycling is all about as they progress onto bigger and better bikes.

If you feel that this a Bike Club you would like to get involved with? Come and meet us and say Hello?

The Committee

President: Wayne Macgowan - Vice President: Haydn Louis Coulter - Secretary:

Treasurer: Tim Ablitt - Club Officer: Adrian Board

Club Rep: - Road Captain: